Our mission

As part of the highly innovative Stolfig Group, EPG Pausa GmbH is a specialist in light metal casting and processes mainly magnesium and aluminium in various casting processes into high-quality components for customers in the automotive, railway, optical and other economic sectors. Our strength lies in our ability to develop very quickly and to deliver quickly, even for smaller series, thanks to a large vertical range of manufacture.

In spring 2020, with the rise in infection figures in the first Covid-19 wave and the resulting shortage of protective equipment, we decided to get involved in this area and produce respirators ourselves in Germany for Germany and the EU.

Our values

People: We employ people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds, whose diverse backgrounds and professional and life experiences enrich our business in many ways.

• Passion: We love technical challenges and approach them with a lot of team spirit and our broad experience in planning, design and manufacturing.

• Sustainability: Sustainable business is very important to us, because we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a live-able and intact world and then to be able to pass this on to their children and grandchildren. That is why we recycle as much as possible and constantly optimise our production facilities and premises with regard to energy savings and environmental compatibility.